Examination & Promotion

1.    Periodic tests are found necessary to assess the performance of students. It also promotes healthy competition among them and make aware of their shortcomings and failures in study habits.

2.    UKG has two class assessments and a mid term exam before the final examination and for LKG mid term exam and final examination. One must not be absent from any of these except for health reasons which must be supported by medical certificate. These tests cannot be deferred or anticipated to suit individual convenience.

3.    Parents are welcome to consult the class teachers to make out the defects and common mistakes committed by their children in answer scripts on the open day. Further query and discussion is allowed only with the permission of principal.

4.    Promotion depends on the marks scored in each assement and final examination and also on internal assessment based on attendance, home work, class work, project work, general discipline, co-curricular activities etc.